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A program specially design for dancers who desire to increase flexibility and take their tumbling to the next level. We focus on strength, full body flexibility correct stretching techniques and drills to improve leaps, jumps, balance and tumbling. Most important for us is to see our students with straight legs, pointed toes and correct body posture... to look beautiful! 

Contact us for booking.

Workshop,  Master classes
and Conventions

If you would like to request Valentina Atanasova and her team to your studio, country or convention please email us at:

           Private lessons


Private lessons are one of the best investments you can make in your young dancer or athlete development. A personalized, child-centered and distraction-free instructional environment of one to one gymnastics lessons allows students to take an accelerated path toward their goals. 

Contact us for booking.

Semi private Lessons

With only two children in class, our semi-private gymnastics lessons allow students to interact with siblings, friends or others of similar age and ability level. Semi-privates are fast--paced with little down time, so that each athlete can build a strong foundation.

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