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This 90-minute class is based on the 4 Olympic events: balance beam, bars, vaulting, floor exercise, Tumble track, strength and flexibility. Lesson plans are designed to keep kids moving the entire class, improving their over-all fitness and keeping it fun!

StrengthFlex Athletics offers a nurturing environment where students are encouraged to progress at their own unique pace: from forward rolls and cartwheels to front and back handsprings. 

Kids increase their flexibility and strength, boost their self-esteem, and gain a sense of pride in their achievements. Classes are 90 minutes long and are divided into groups with their friends and also by age and ability.

  • Class focuses on balance beam, bars, vaulting & floor exercise

  • Increases flexibility, strength and boosts self esteem while having fun

  • Great for all sports

  • Learn forward rolls, cartwheels, front and back handsprings

  • Kids are grouped with friends by age and ability

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