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What does a membership include?

Membership at Strengthflex Gymnastics Academy includes 10% sibling
and multi-class discounts, branded Strengthflex  Apparel T-shirt.

What should my child wear to class?

Strengthflex Gymnastics Academy has a dress code designed to safeguard participants and coaches. The dress code relates to your child's safety during gymnastics. Clothing for gymnastics should not be too tight or too loose. Clothing, accessories and hair can get caught on equipment and cause injuries. Inappropriate foot covering such as shoes and socks can cause slipping, tripping and injuries. Bare feet or gymnastic slippers are allowed, but not shoes or socks. Girls wear a leotard with no tights or skirts. Boys wear a unitard or fitted elastic waist band shorts and a T-shirt or tank that stays tucked in. Gymnasts may not wear jewelry, body piercings or watches. Clothing should not have zippers, belts, buckles, clasps, snaps, or hoods.  All hair that touches the shoulders must be secured in a ponytail, pig tails, or bun, so it does not fall on the face. Hair pieces and scrunchies cannot have hard parts.  Fingernails and toenails should be trimmed short.

Why are there no trial classes?

Strengthflex Gymnastics Academy is a training facility for both recreational and competitive gymnastics.  These skills are not taught in a single drop in session.  The vast majority of children are going to enjoy the time spent at gymnastics. Sometimes as children, especially toddlers, are learning independence, social, and listening skills, they can struggle. Through the weekly commitment there is growth.  Additionally, the sessions build upon the work of prior weeks and a child cannot drop-in and adequately assess how much they like gymnastics. 

Are Open Gym, Camp, PNO, and other event programming the same as taking gymnastics classes in a session?

While all of our event programming includes gymnastics-based activities, it does not replace the gymnastics instruction received in session-based classes.  Gymnastics-based event activities are designed to be fun and energy filled.  Sessions are designed to teach through progressions and develop the strength and flexibility needed to learn more challenging gymnastics skills.

How does my child progress to the next level?

Progress to the next level  for recreational girls is determined by instructor evaluation and gymnast readiness.  Gymnast readiness not only includes being able to perform the physical elements for the current class, but emotional and mental readiness, too.  Each recreational gymnastics level has basic skills to be mastered before advancement to the next level. Your student's coach will personally invite him/her to move-up to the next level, after evaluations. 

What does it take to make the competitive team?

Earning a spot on Team Bronze, Silver (Exel program) not only requires a passion for gymnastics and competitive spirit, but a willingness of the gymnast and her family to dedicate many hours to practices and meets.  Each session, coaches may evaluate students (between the ages of 5-7) from within the Club for a spot on the Girls Pre-Team. If your gymnast is from outside the Club and interested in being evaluated for the Team, please e-mail the Club for more information.

What if my child misses a class?

For multiple reasons we do not provide make-ups in our regular session classes.  Gymnastics is a sport of progressions and the sessions have formats that build on the prior weeks.  Each instructor teaches these progressions with a personal style and understands the students in his/her class.  Increasing the class size and/or introducing a new student each class is problematic for all involved.

If a class is missed there is the opportunity to make up a single class per session in an Parents' Night Out on alternating Friday nights.

A missed class must be made up by the end of the following session. Only one make-up is allowed per session.  We do not prorate or refund for missed classes.  To redeem, register in the Parent Portal for your preferred Event, and enter the date of absence in the section labeled MAKE-UP OPTION. If the Club closes due to bad weather, we will credit you with Open Gym time. Tuition is prorated from the tuition at registration checkout for Club holiday closures.

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